Cabal (Brett Brooker)

Brett Brooker is a young genius and inventor. He wants to invent something that will make him rich, but he hasn’t found the right thing yet. A couple of years ago, he worked for a research lab, EnviroTech, and was on the verge of the creating the technological marvel he was looking for. A jealous superior stole his work and fired him. It crushed his self-confidence and ability to trust authority figures. Brett gave up inventing and has worked odd jobs ever since and buried himself in his music.

Music has always been the one area where feels comfortable. He tried out for and was chosen to participate in last year’s season of “America’s Next Country Star.” Unfortunately, was the third person to get eliminated. The judges found his music too cerebral and political. They said that he couldn’t connect to the average listener, aged 16-24. Meanwhile, he’s popular in the area for his guitar playing and ballads about dissatisfaction with modern life.

Two months ago, one of those odd jobs was working on a labor crew helping clean up after an explosion in one of EnviroTech’s labs – an R&D project that didn’t work out. Amongst the debris, he found a strange-looking device that sparked that old electronics curiosity once again. Feeling that it wouldn’t be missed and that he deserved some reimbursement, he stole the device. Taking it home to what served as his lab, he began to tinker with the mysterious item. It was soon apparent to Brett that the device was a piece of alien technology. He couldn’t be sure, but he thought that its original purpose had something to do with altering the user’s geneform.
Barely understanding the technology, Brett was able to use it create what he dubbed a biometric replication scanner, or “bioripper.” By sampling his DNA, the bioripper enables him to create up to six replicas of himself, all of whom are capable of independent thought and action. The bioripper is a one-time design and only works with his DNA, so as-is, no one else can use it. But in the right hands, say a million dollar research lab, it could be hacked to work for someone else.

Over time, he hopes to figure out the real purpose of the bioripper device and unlock its mysteries. What Brett doesn’t realize is that this device was a key part of the alien technology that was EnviroTech was working on and they will eventually track it to him.
He’s found that the fewer replicas he creates, the longer they will last. One replica can last as about 12 hours, while his full “posse” of all six replicas can remain cohesive for about two hours. Distance is also a factor. Beyond a distance of about a mile cuts the cohesion duration down to a fourth of the time (one clone can last about six hours, full posse can last an hour).
A second unexpected effect of the bioripper is that it enhances his physical reaction speed and neural processing. He can perform mundane physical tasks several times faster than a normal human. This ability combined with his limited martial arts training enables him to make three attacks per panel.

Brett’s current day job is working as a substitute math teacher. He likes this one because he can choose which days he is available to work. Several evenings each week, he plays music at various venues in the city, sometimes solo and sometimes accompanying a couple of other guys. Even when playing music, he feels like his is a supportive role, despite fans and his fellow musicians telling him that he could carry them if he chose to. That’s just not who he is. He’s more comfortable as the accompaniment rather than the headliner.

Cabal (Brett Brooker)

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