The seediest borough is Eveningside. the seat of organized crime in the city. Eveningside is bordered by the Quark River and the smaller neighboring city of Chadwick. Eveningside lacks the skyscrapers of Downtown, but has a higher density of population because of the large presence of row-houses and projects. The major industrial parks reside in Eveningside along the river.

There are two known organized crime families operating out of Eveningside.

Currently Eveningside is predominantly black and Hispanic, but there are pockets of other neighborhoods inside it: Little Haiti, Little Italy, and Moscow On The Quark are all here, each with their own cliques and gangs. The Italian mob has control of most gambling and about half the drugs, along with the motorcycle gangs, who act as a de facto delivery service for much of the drug trade. Prostitution and the sex trade are handled mostly by the Russian gang, and they extort money from most of the strip clubs in town.

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