Order (Austin Brady)

Austin Brady always wanted a career in law enforcement. Despite his stellar record as a student in the criminology program at a local college, his poor eyesight and hearing led to rejection from the police academy. Disappointed but determined, Austin applied to law school, figuring that if he couldn’t apprehend criminals, he could at least prosecute them.

In the summer before L1, Austin took a job as a night watchman at the nuclear power plant a few miles outside of Atom City—the closest he’d ever get to field work in law enforcement, he now understood. Late one summer night, a bizarre incident interrupted Austin’s monotonous routine, and changed his life forever. The strange commotion in the woods bordering the plant’s campus turned out to be two time travelers from Earth’s future: one a criminal, one a cop. Austin gaped in amazement at the police officer’s finely choreographed fighting and his foe’s brutality. The cop and the criminal beat each other senseless, but at great cost. With his dying breaths, the timecop pled for Austin’s help, and walked him through the process of activating the “homing recall tether” on the criminal’s timejump device. When Austin tried to find the corresponding controls on the officer’s uniform, though, he found them damaged beyond his meager ability to repair.

Seeing no reason to let a cool, if somewhat damaged, law enforcement gadget from the future go to waste, Austin secretly buried the timecop and kept the powersuit. Austin soon learned that wearing the suit gave him extraordinary powers. The suit sharpens Austin’s senses, so that he does not need his eyeglasses or hearing aids while wearing the suit. In a brawl, the suit guides Austin’s movements, making him an incredible hand-to-hand combatant (he was already an exercise buff, but had not engaged in any pugilistic training). Austin suspects that the suit also includes some kind of projectile or energy weapon, but he has not yet learned how to activate it. The suit augments Austin’s strength and coordination a little, and allows him to leap long distances (about 250 feet at a time, enough to scale a 20-story building). The suit generates a force field to protect itself and its wearer. The suit also contains an extensive (but now damaged and inherently fluid due to the vagaries of time travel) database of future events; Austin occasionally gets glimpses of these events, but it’s difficult for him to access the database in search of specific information.

Now, after three years of law school and of secretly learning the suit’s capabilities—including the ability to shunt the suit into a pocket dimension for quick retrieval—Austin is ready to fight crime on two fronts. By day, he’s in his first year as a very junior associate in the District Attorney’s office, using the law to punish offenders (and, as opportunity permits, wooing the lovely Lisa Monet, an ambitious prosecutor two years his senior in the department); outside of work, he now thinks he’s ready to join the ranks of the superhero community to impose some degree of order on an increasingly chaotic world.

Order (Austin Brady)

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