Singularity (Jimmy Rossetti)

Giacomo “Jimmy” Rossetti was raised in the tough city neighborhood of Eveningside. The neighborhood’s name was a pretty fair descriptor, since there were always shadows in the area, even at high noon. The constant shadows gave rise to a seedy underworld, founded by the bootlegging enterprises of the Italian protection racket. As time progressed, and booze was made legal again, the underworld families found new enterprises in racketeering, illegal drug distribution, and political organizing.

It was in the midst of this chaos and illegality that Jimmy was raised. His direct lineage had been predetermined for years, with arranged marriages all leading to what was supposed to be a metahuman with mob training and illegal sensibilities. Jimmy’s father had been a mid-level mobster in the Donato crime family and his mother the daughter of the family don.

As a young boy, Jimmy was enrolled in gymnastics as a way to train his body for his birthright assignment as a super-powered hitman. Sadly, when he finally developed his powers in high school, they were not the ones that the family was hoping he’d have. Something in the breeding plan had gone awry.

His ability to weaken super-powers didn’t mean anything when no super-powered heroes had tried to muscle in on the operations and his immunity to magic didn’t make a lick of difference in an area with no practicing sorcerers. Jimmy was cut out of the business and his father was killed for producing such a useless offspring.

Jimmy is now on the run from his grandfather as well as the police, many of whom are on the take for the Donato family. Years of constant fear of being killed by his own grandfather have led to Jimmy’s growing paranoia and his awkward inability to socialize with anyone other than his mother.

In the meantime, Jimmy has laid low, avoiding neighborhood thugs and simply trying to go about his life working as a retail sales associate. His mother is the only good thing in his life, as his dead-end job and the contract on his head have ruined his sense of self-worth. When not moping about the apartment he shares with his mother or coasting through at his job as a cashier at Movietown, Jimmy can usually be found with his head buried in a book at the local branch of the Atom City Public Library, a location he’s fairly sure most mobsters won’t set foot inside.

Singularity (Jimmy Rossetti)

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